Returning Safely to Work


All businesses must carry out a COVID -19 risk assessment for their premises to ensure it is safe for employees, visitors and customers to enter


Enforcing the law

A business or venue operating in contravention of the law will be committing an offence. Businesses and venues that breach the law will be subject to prohibition notices and fixed penalty notices. Businesses that continue to contravene the law will be forced to close down


Are You COVID-19 secure

Is your risk assessment in place


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Are you Covid Secure?


Are your premises safe?

Will customers and visitors and staff be safe?

Are you sure?

Have you done the following?


1. Covid risk assessment completed and circulated

2. COVID health and safety policy in place

3. Handwashing and hygiene procedures in place

4. Can staff work from home

5. Social distancing in place and maintained

6. Manage transmission risk

7. COVID safety statement displayed

8. Emergency plans completed

9. Compliance checklist completed10. Cleaning procedure in place


We will also provide:

Ongoing Covid support for 24 months

Free email advice line on health and safety issues for 6 months


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Ensuring your offices are COVID-secure

We have developed a return-to-work aid for employers which contains everything you need to safeguard your premises, demonstrate compliance and deal with the various safety challenges you may encounter as you get back on track


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Return to office guidance to ensure staff are Covid secure

Return of spectators and live football guidance to ensure footballers at all levels and of course staff and supporters are Covid secure

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